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I like rice!!!

so what?

Randy Freegan
8 May
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Ignorance is fucking stupid.

Talk Nerdy to Me =D

Hey my name is Maranda. My birthday is May 8, making me a taurus. I'm a SENIOR at Woonsocket High. I'm a proud Rhode Islander, though I'm dying to get away.


I am Shy/Outgoing, Quiet/Talkative, Great Student/Slacker, Mature/Childish, In control/falling apart, Happy/Sad, Confident/Insecure. Also, Friendly, Science Geek, Different, Not-Assertive-At-All (well maybe sometimes ;D), Giggly.

I Love:

Books, Science, Writing, Ancient Egypt, Old Buildings, Pictures, Shoes, Handbags (LV's!!!), Poetry, Flowers, Stars, Music, Movies (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Cuddling, Hanging out, Having fun, Cookies (Girl Scout: TAGALONGS!!!), Wendy's Madarin Chicken Salad, Smallville (Tom Welling :D :D), The Goonies (Data has all my <3), The 80s, Nostaglia, and Laughing.

I dislike:

Fake people (Just be yourself!!); people who call everyone a poseur (just let them be themselves!!!!); homophobic, closeminded, pessimistic, irresponsible, lying, racist, hypocritical, and arrongant people. Oh yah. I also don't like when people crack their knuckles, or when I don't have a cap to my pen. That's my idiosyncrasy.

My Journal is Friends Only. (despite the occasional public entry)

Color Bars

Marriage is love.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is Mind Blowing Love

Outside there are these benches with these grape-arbor sort of vines that creep above them. I sit there and then a laugh actually escapes, because it's almost funny, how I just feel so horrible, how I'm like this cliche fall-apart girl crying under the vines, and it's like watching it in a movie, and I can imagine the way the sound track would be all bluesy and noticeable in the quiet. It's like the feeling when you're at a party and you don't even know you're not having a good time, but then you go to pee and as soon as you crouch above the toilet, you realize that you just don't want to go out there again.
-Number 6 Fumbles

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